3 Essential Steps To The Beard of Your Dreams

Oct 11 2017

In each and every man's life there comes a time when he takes his first step into the bounds of manhood, real manhood - a time when he decides that the moment is just right, the stars have aligned and that he will grow the most illustrious beard to ever have graced the whole world known to men. Alas, unfortunately for many of us this desire and urge end up in the dire straits of frustration, while our prized beard ends up at the mercy of a razor yet again. Why does this happen? Let’s face it - it all starts with the all too awkward period of “uhh...I just kind of didn’t feel like shaving” and then the “hey, it’s starting to grow” while your mom and girlfriend both look at you with disapproval. And despite the ensuing arguments, condescending looks and outcries for us to shave off our prized effort - we persevere only too often wake up to the realization that the “beard” we have grown just looks unflattering, often simply awkward and we always end up at the same question “how do all those guys look so good with one, and why can’t I pull it off?”

Sure, some people just aren’t destined for an easy, no maintenance route to true manhood (otherwise referred to as the beard.) But, that doesn’t mean give up does it now? With enough careful planning, consideration and proper care - you too can rock that amazing dreamy beard that you’ve always wanted. And thankfully, we’re here to guide you through this journey with our “3 Essential Steps To The Beard Of Your Dreams!” Let's go!

Step number one, plan it out! Now hold your horses, put down that paper and pencil, we don’t mean for your to draw a blueprint. Before you get growing, you need to consider a few things which will determine just how you should grow your beard. The first thing you need to consider is: what sort of beard goes well with your facial shape? For some people, this is an easy one as some of us can just look in a mirror and see the lumberjack in all of us stare back; but for those that are less creative - a simple google search of anyone with the same facial shape will do wonders.

Alright, now that you’ve visualized just how it should look, we need to touch base on the next step. Step two, train your dragon … or beard. A regular trim will help you consistently maintain the shape of your beard as it starts to grow in. This should be supplemented by combing it daily to wrangle those stubborn hairs into the bunch and force them to grow in a downwards direction. And no, just any old comb you find around the house simply will not do - you’re going to need to get yourself a proper comb for your beard. Don’t settle for a run to the local quick-mart, pick yourself up a real man’s comb like this Natural Cattle Horn Comb from Beard Wisdom.

Ok now that we’ve gone over the basics, one last step remains - this is the real key to success and possibly the most quintessential step in this whole article. Step three - clean it and groom it. Wash your beard regularly, this will help reduce the itchiness and skin irritability. Supplement this by applying beard oils and balms to tame it and keep it looking sleek and classy at all times. Not sure what sort of oil and balm to get? No worries - why not just pick up the best selection in town, The Beard Wisdom Care Kit. Lastly, all you need is patience (and maybe some extra vitamin B5, B3, and B9.) Now get out there and make us proud!



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